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Deploying website files to multiple folders with exclusions

When automating deployments it is sometimes needed to create copy of your website/folder in different locations with some excluded files e.g. configuration files or temp folders. The script below will help you to achieve that. It can be triggered automatically on your post-deployment action (possibly in your CI server) or executed manually. Script just copies […]

PowerShell unattended execution with auto-retry and SMS alerts

Running automated processes seems to be an very easy task. However, this may become a little bit more complicated for running critical unattended operations. Imagine the situation when you have to run critical, automated process at night while your business relies on successful completion of it. For example, if you are running ETL process at […]

Claims based authentication on Windows Azure

Claims based authentication can greatly improve user’s experience by allowing them to login to our site using external trusted providers such as Google, Yahoo etc. In this article I will show you how to integrate claims based authentication with existing membership provider. This is common scenario if you don’t have any on premises applications using […]

C# 5.0 Async Programming and Caller Information

Since the release of .Net 4.5 Framework there are new, very useful features added that I want you to get familiar with. Because the C# language evolves along the .Net Framework, I have created chart that will help you to see all major changes that have been introduced over the last 10 years. I still […]

Creating WCF custom transport channel

Primary purpose of using WCF within organization is to wrap-up existing components into service oriented architecture (SOA) that can be then easily reused and maintained. When communicating within the local network or between the local components, you may want to implement your own WCF transport channel satisfying your specific requirements. In this article I will […]

Creating LAN messenger using WCF Message Inspector

WCF self-hosting service can be really useful for messaging within the single or multiple tiers. Communication may involve sending execution tasks to other components or sending simple messages to be displayed on remote computer. When sending system massages we can use Message Queuing (MSMQ) and transactions to ensure that the task will be executed even […]