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File helpers using LINQ

When dealing with files, it is useful to have standard set of helpers to be used that we can relay on. This is when LINQ comes in handy. In this article I will present you with some useful functions that you can use in your daily programming. Simple operation should be simple. Hence, when getting […]

Using Html5 Local storage on mobile devices

In many situations there is a need to store something on the mobile device that can be later retrieved and reused. Typical situation is the offline state where device suddenly loosing internet connection. To solve this problem we can use HTML5 local storage. It works on all mobile devices with the most popular browsers. Additionally, […]

Extension methods in C#

Extension methods enable you to add your own methods to already existing system types without deriving from those types. Extension methods are always static but they are called as a instance methods on the extended types. We can extend types like string, double, DateTime etc. as well as LINQ queries which already are extensions of […]

LINQ – filtering data structures

Using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) has become very common in recent years as it is an easy way to retrieve data from various data structures eg. arrays. The code itself is also very clean and much shorter comparing to non LINQ implementations. In this article I will show you how easy filtering data can be using […]

ASP.NET View state manager

In this article I will show you how to reduce view state of your asp.net pages by saving it into server session. This solution is perfect for dashboards but is not advisable if you have a lot of users as this can consume a huge amount of server resources. Basically It can reduce page view […]

Sql connection helper

Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so I will start with an very simple and quite useful example of the SQL connection object helper. When using ado.net it basically helps reducing amount of code needed to instantiate connection. All you need to do is to use Current property of that object to create […]