About Us

About our team

What we do?

ProXmedia is a custom software development company located in Poland (Eastern Europe). We design modern, bespoke enterprise solutions for SME companies, helping them to be more efficient and profitable.

How we do it?

ProXmedia employs professional software engineers with minimum 3 years of hands-on software development experience, proven by numerous Microsoft certifications. Our employees also have experience working in international environment for multiple renowned companies.

Why we are successful?

Our team combines the industry’s best patterns and practices with the wealth of technical excellence to deliver mission critical systems with an architecture that stands the test of time.


Our aim is to deliver high quality software solutions allowing our clients to achieve a turnkey in their business!

“A Good developer is 10 times more productive than an Average developer.”
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer

We Like

  • Good Software Architecture

  • Automating repetitive tasks

  • Creative thinking

  • Simple rules

We Don’t Like

  • Poor quality

  • Leaving things to the last minute

  • Ignoring opportunities to work more efficiently

  • Communication gaps