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Multiple object bindings on MVC view

Multiple object bindings in MVC are the common requirement when working with more advanced UI. An example of that can be creating order form with multiple order items being added dynamically by the user. In such a scenario we can create binding for our “Order” model as normal and create partial view with the structure […]

Umbraco custom model with pager

Umbraco is the open source content management system allowing for quick content creation and easy customization as it uses ASP.NET MVC pattern to render page components. The power of Umbraco is the flexibility and a host of features it provides out of the box. It is also written in C# which makes it especially popular […]

SQL Server Database Index optimization – maintenance plan

Properly optimized table indexes are crucial in database performance tuning. This is especially true when the database is growing overtime causing indexes to be fragmented. The more an index is fragmented, the longer time is needed for database reads. When should the indexes be rebuilt? Microsoft recommends to reorganize indexes when fragmentation level is between […]

SVN log parsing using PowerShell

This script can be useful when gathering SVN release changes that occurred since the last release. It connects to SVN server, gets logs from within date range (last build and date now). Logs are then filtered, cleaned (removed if no comments were added). Next, email message is sent based on the retrieved data. To be […]

Displaying dynamic javascript charts using MVC

When creating business solutions there is often a need to display dynamic JavaScript charts using specific entity data that can be easily extended throughout the system. Properly designed system should always provide clear separation between business entities and UI layer. When using JavaScript this separation can be easily neglected. In this article I will show […]

Entity validation engine using c# expression rules

Validating entity data is the common task when building business applications. Very often happens that we want to separate the rules from the app code to be able to quickly change it without affecting the application. In this article we will build simple validation engine that will be evaluating rules stored as linq expressions. In […]

Using Power-Shell in automated tasks (batch script alternative)

Power Shell it’s the Microsoft’s Automation framework sitting on top of .Net (System.Management.Automation) that lets us perform advanced automated tasks. It can help not only the administrators but also the programmers to save a lot of time by automating repeatable processes. The script’s syntax is quite intuitive and easy to learn so it allows users […]

Using WCF REST service in server and client side calls

When using WCF services sometimes there is a need to use REST architecture, especially for web applications. Using REST, brings a lot of benefits such as: broad caching possibilities, interoperability, simplicity etc. Also using REST with JSON instead of soap/xml based protocol decreases network bandwidth and makes it easier to utilize by JavaScript Ajax calls. […]