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Getting data from TeamCity Rest API – PowerShell

Simple script that gets build data from TeamCity server rest api. When executed as a build step, you can pass in current build id to it. Having that, we can get the previous build and it’s data. Having that data we can proceed with further processing which can be for example gathering documentation, statistics etc. […]

WebApi requests compression using Ext.js and asp.net Mvc4

One of the easiest ways to maximize performance of ajax requests being sent over the network is to use gzip compression. There is already a built in mechanism for compressing requests but it depends on IIS settings of our hosting provider. In our case we will apply custom Delegate Handler using asp.net mvc4 ApiController that […]

AutoBuilds and deployment using TeamCity CI server

When developing software solutions sometimes there is a need to automate process of builds, deployments and testing tasks. One of the possible solutions is the TeamCity server. This Continuous Integration server is especially useful when managing multiple SVN branches that need to be deployed to multiple web applications when any predefined change occurs. One of […]

Auto creating SVN tags and custom release installers

Automation within the software development company allows to save tremendous amount of time in the long run. The time spend for initial configuration of the automated tasks is almost nothing compared to running all processes manually. In this article I will show you how to configure auto SVN tagging and creating custom installation files each […]

Generating static map images using Google Map API

If you are using static map images on your website and have a lot of different addresses to be displayed, you can easily automate the process of creating them. The code below will request Google map API and download static images. The address list is stored in .csv file but can also be pulled directly […]

KnockoutJS bindings and observables

KnockoutJS it’s the JavaScript implementation of the MVVM pattern that is based on native JavaScript event management. Implementing knockoutJS both as a standalone solution or in conjunction with other web technologies can greatly improve user experience in our web applications. As a example lets create simple list of places and restaurants as below: In our […]

Terminate background stored procedure session

If you are executing background stored procedure, for example when run asynchronously by the Service Broker, there is often a need to stop the process, especially when it is time consuming operation. In order to do that, we have to find the session id of the process we want and then use KILL function to […]

Using mssql Service Broker in Service-Oriented Architecture

Main principle of SOA is separation between the service interface and it’s implementation. In order to achieve that separation on the database level we can use Mssql Service Broker messaging. Using Service Broker allows us to send internal or external messages between or withing the mssql database. We can also use the massages to activate […]