10 reasons why to outsource in-house software development

Software development outsourcing has always been an very attractive option for many IT companies operating in developed countries and perceived as a way to boost the competitiveness on the local market. A lot of businesses operating on the global market, already proved the effectiveness of software outsourcing by reducing internal costs while maintaining high quality of products and services.

Offshore development team can greatly increase your productivity by allowing your in-house stuff to fucus on your core business, while delivering products and services to your clients in a usual manner. At the same time, your payroll costs may deacreese greatly, so you will have more money for future investments.


What are the main reasons for software outsourcing?


1 – Cost Savings

Outsourcing may reduce your costs by up-to 50% while reducing workload on your in-house employees. Taking into account the fact, that outsourcing usually does not require any up-front costs, makes it very attractive. This is especially true for the UK, as currently the British pound is on the seven-year high against the Euro and other European currencies.


2 – Time Savings

Outsourcing will save you a lot of time as you dont need to manage directly the team of dedicated developers, so you can deliver your products to the market more quickly, below the budget.


3 – Extending in house capabilities

Companies struggling on the global market, may experience lack of experience in some areas of expertise necessary to develop innovative products. Software development outsourcing may bridge this gap by providing these missing in-house skills.


4 – Flexibility

With the outsourcing team, you are more flexible being able quickly increase or decrease the team size when necessary. You will also save time on recruiting new in-house employees. This is especially true for short time projects where local, short term freelancers, may cost you a fortune.


5 – Talented IT Professionals

You will have much broader access to talented IT professionals by going overseas and bypassing the gaps in hiring pools in more developed countries.


6 – Risk Mitigation

You can mitigate the risk by choosing outsourcing company specializing in area of your business with the good track of record operating in well managed software development environment.


7 – Enhanced Accuracy

Dedicated team of developers is more likely to meet the pre-defined deadlines on the project as they are more flexible in scaling out their internal team.


8 – Focused Strategy

Dedicated team of developers will streamline your business strategy by allowing you to focus on the core of your business.


9 – Technological Advances

By using dedicated team of developers specialized in specific area of technology, you will gain competitive advantage over your competitors.


10 –  Increased Availability

Dedicated team of developers operating in different time zone e.g. GMT +2 will increase your aviability by being able e.g. to do some urgent tasks before or after your client’s business hours.



Outsourcing software development may become a game changer for the companies operating on highly competitive markets, in the age of globalization and technological advances.


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